Kaiden & Annelise’s Cake Smash & Splash Session

One already! I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Annelise when she was a newborn, then again when she was sitting at 7 months.  In no time at all, we were already discussing plans for her cake smash. The most special thing about this cake smash was that Annelise was also celebrating with her cousin Kaiden, who turned one on the very day.

Cake SmashBoth Mums were keen to have an Aladdin / Arabian theme for their little ones.  Oh the colours! Deep purples, Aquas and oranges – not to mention beautiful pastel  pinks for Annelise.

Naturally for one year olds, they’re never too sure what to expect when a beautiful cake is placed in front of them.  This is usually the first time most one year olds get to taste cake.  Let alone one beautifully created by Outbreak Cupcakes.

The look on their faces at the first bite is priceless and I just love capturing that moment, the widening of the eyes, the look over to the parents – is this stuff for real? And why am I only tasting it now?!

After getting into the cutest little mess of icing & cake, we have a splash in the tub. Cake Smash I honestly haven’t laughed so much watching little ones splash about.  What started of as a cautious splashes soon turned into a tsunami in my studio and I couldn’t have loved it more!


June 12, 2019

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