Christmas Gift Idea!

Yep, all the major stores have Christmas set up already! Every year I’m amazed at how early (or so it seems) they set up.  Really? Is this necessary….but really, it’s only 2 months away.  I feel like I need all that time to sneak away, create lists and check them twice (I love a good list! And if Santa does it, then so do I!) and go gift shopping.  However, I am the worst when it comes to gift ideas.  My husband and I have kinda given up getting gifts for eachother, simply because we tend to buy things when we really need them.  He loves his kite-surfing and me, well, I think that’s obvious – buy me a camera or lens and I’m yours forever!  I’ll settle for a bottle of wine & chocolate too.

Photo Box Gift

I’m not lying though, I have started a list for my children this year.  This way I don’t panic on what to get them; I also don’t over do it either.  Before Christmas we go through all their toys and books, anything we don’t love we give to charity.  I explain there are so many children out there that miss out every Christmas, it’d be so nice if we could share what we have and make someone else’s Christmas extra special.  They’re young and this is the best they can understand at the moment, I hope we grow on this.  It’s so important.

I’d love to hear what you do? Do you have any rituals leading up to Christmas? We have Christmas street parties, getting to know our neighbours.  The craziness of trying to catch up with everyone, loads of swimming & water games, family BBQs outside with the mosquitoes…. I love Summer!

Another tradition we have, which is usually a week after Christmas is a family photo.  We do it every year – I set up our tripod, position my family, beg them not to move, set the timer and race to get in there.  It’s honestly my favourite time, it’s so important to me. Family Photo

It terrifies me how fast they grow up (my son starts school next year!). I blink and they aren’t babies anymore.  They have opinions, they argue with me, they come up with creative ideas, they destroy the house, the offer to clean the house….I don’t want to miss it.  Which brings me to my last point of this post…if you’re stuck for an idea, have a family photo session.  It will last forever and move down generations.

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Don’t blink and miss it.

October 11, 2019

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