From Real Parents to You!

Today is tough.  Social distancing has us well, keeping our distance.  From our loved ones.  From physical support.  I remember when my babies were babies, that I would have moments of just bawling my eyes out. I would call my Mum and she would be there.  Today, we can’t.  We are doing our best to protect our loved ones – but what about you? It cannot be easy.  Sleep deprivation has a way of creeping into your thoughts.

Geez, I would have the most irrational thoughts! The amount of times I thought I was failing because I couldn’t get my baby to settle.  Or how I would tell my toddler off for being a child (seriously?!) because  I was trying to settle my newborn.  So many times I thought “There’s no point talking to anyone about it, we are all going through the same thing, I just need to suck it up”. When in reality, that was the craziest thing I could’ve done.  Yes, we all go through it as parents BUT talking about 1. Calms you down 2. Makes you realize we ARE in the same boat 3. And your family & friends offer you encouragement, support, advice when asked and most importantly – an ear.

There are so many people out there to help you.  I know we can’t physically come to you, hold your baby while you have a shower in peace or do your laundry.  But we do have ears, and we are here to listen anytime.  As crazy as you may think you sound – you’re not.  I beg you, don’t be like me who would shut the door and sob her heart out.  It’s not good for you and it’s not good for your children.  If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of your children.

I asked all my parent friends what they wished someone had told them when they had babies – I hope it makes you smile, I hope it gives you support & encouragement, I hope it makes you realize you are not and never will be alone in this journey.

If you ever need an ear, I am here.

If you have any supporting tips you wish to share, please comment below and I’ll add it on!

Take Care!

from real mums to you!



April 22, 2020

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