Family Photographer Gold Coast  Family Photographer Gold Coast  Family Photographer Gold Coast


Watching this family grow together is such a pleasure! I have been photographing them since their little girl was a baby.

Their son is full of energy & cheekiness.  Always running from me when I pull the camera out – and that’s okay! I capture that, we play

and then he’s more than happy to smile for me while showing me his climbing skills.

Often parents get frustrated if their children aren’t behaving ‘perfectly’ for me.  I’m not sure how many times I’ve said “It’s okay, I’ve got this, just enjoy


I have a few tricks up my sleeve.  Every single child is different.  How awful if they weren’t?  If your child is shy, my camera gets put down and we just have quiet play

until they’re comfortable with me.  I ask them ‘Can I take your picture and show you?’ They looooove seeing photos of themselves and before you know it, they’re telling

me what I need to photograph!

Your child runs around like crazy and can’t sit still? Perfect! Lets get in on that action – see if you can catch them, squeeze them tight when you do.

The point of family sessions for me is to capture how you are with your children, what you like doing together.

I’m there to prompt you along the way if needed (Does Mummy’s nose smell funny?’).

I get that connection between you and your children every time.  Whether your kids are quiet & shy, nervous, crazy, full of confidence or just want to snuggle in with you.  I’ll be there quietly capturing it all.


Simone x


Family Photographer Gold Coast Family Photographer Gold Coast Family Photographer Gold Coast

 Family Photographer Gold Coast  Family Photographer Gold Coast

February 26, 2021

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