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Be comfortable.

If you don’t normally wear a suit, now is not the time to pop one on.  Be true to yourself and wear clothing you feel confident in.


Avoid bright colours.

They draw attraction away from your face and will be the first thing you see in a photograph.


Prints & Patterns are a no-go. 

They are a big distraction, no matter how big or small.  This is especially important with children’s clothing, keep it simple.


Avoid short sleeve clothing & shorts.

Even for casual portraits, long pants are a definite must.  It can be a major distraction when you are showing more skin on legs than your face.


Make Up, Hair & Nails. 

Keep make-up fresh & natural.  Hair needs to be off the face to avoid distracting shadows as well as blocking light to your eyes.  We have a preferred make-up artist and hair stylist available should you require one before your shoot.  Make sure watches, hair ties etc are removed from your wrist prior to your session.  While we can edit them out, it is much easier if they’re not there to begin with.




All wraps, beanies, outfits & props are supplied at Simone Elisabeth Photography.  However, it is important to discuss with your photographer on the colour tones you would like.  Baby blue, dusty pink, white, natural tones etc.  This will then help you as well to decide what to wear to match in.  Keeping with similar tones.

I suggest bringing your outfit to the studio to change here.  This is especially important for any little siblings that are coming along.  It’s amazing how many people end up with a stain between home & here.

Baby Photographer Gold Coast



We have several maternity dresses available to wear during your session.  You are also more than welcome to bring your own.  It is preferred that dresses are floor length.  We create shape with your dresses to really show off your gorgeous bump.  Part of styling your session is working with the dress to capture timeless photographs.

If your husband and any children are coming along, it’s important to co-ordinate their outfits to match your own.

Client Maternity Wardrobe

Gold Coast Maternity Photographer



Keep your clothing simple but try to avoid entirely matching.  I always suggest wearing similar tones to each other.  For example, wearing blue, white & grey work beautifully.  Whether one of you is in jeans, a dress or cute singlet tops.


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We love to photograph babies naturally as well as in cute little outfits.  We have a few available in the studio but you are welcome to bring in special outfits of your own.  It’s important to capture all those cute little rolls, not long after they’re walking, they lose a lot of their baby fat and grow into adorable little toddlers.


Baby Photographer Gold Coast



Let them wear what they love, however try to avoid any themed clothing such as ‘The Wiggles’.  Solid colours are great and help reflect their personality.  I prefer to shoot children without their shoes on.  Children should always be wild & free to have fun and I find shoes restrict them.  If it is a location shoot however, I always decide if it is important to leave them on or not.  Safety is always my first priority.

Let them bring their favourite hat, sunglasses, boots, blankets, toys – anything that makes them feel comfortable and is unique to them.


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If you have any suggestions that you would like to add, feel free to leave a comment.

February 27, 2021

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