Newborn Session FAQ’s

Congratulations on your new little family.

Picking a photographer for your new little member of the family can be daunting.  There are so many things to consider.

This FAQ is designed to help you make that decision, whether it is with me or another photographer.  I am a big believer on picking someone who has the same values as you, has a style that you love and most importantly, someone you can trust & be comfortable with.  If there isn’t a question below to answer your question, please leave a comment and I will get back to you.  Even better, just send through the contact us form and I will be more than happy to chat away with you all things babies & families.




I personally love simplicity.  The focus should be your baby and your family as a result,  I tend to shoot a lot of white / high key to really make the photographs POP.

As part of booking with us, we will discuss the theme of your home and the theme of the baby nursery.  From there we can choose colours that will suit these rooms, so when you hang the beautiful art we make, it will flow.  Have a look at our Newborn Gallery  for more inspiration + a quick behind the scenes video.

Baby Photographer Gold Coast




YES! We have dough bowls, buckets and baskets, which we love to style with rugs, hessian, flowers and bump blankets.

Tiny little props perfect for your little one to hold, with felt hearts, tiny teddies and mini bouquets to choose from.

Not to mention, we have many different coloured & textured wraps; sweet little outfits and even the softest and cutest little bear outfit.

newborn photographer newborn photographer




I have been photographing babies since 2017.  Their safety and well-being is my first priority always.  This is why I am baby led and if I feel if they’re not comfortable, we pull out of the pose straight away.  As a result of all my newborn sessions, I note that some babies just love being on their tummy, while others don’t.  This is part of the questions I will ask you when you arrive into our studio.

I have spent hours (that I can’t even count!) learning to wrap, to hold, to place your baby in the safest possible way.  Please note that there are certain poses that I will not do, due to the safety of your baby.  Some of these poses include the “Froggy” Pose.  This pose, when done safely by other photographers is a composite image (a number of photographs combined together in photoshop)

As part of my training, I have completed the Australian Newborn Academy Course.  This course focuses on the Perinatal Environment – allowing me to better understand what you may have faced during and post labour.  There is comprehensive training on the Neonatal Period.
We cover birth injuries and common health problems and the implications of these in a newborn photography environment.

I’ve learned about the physiology of newborn babies and the safest ways to work with these fragile miracles.

Every year, I do a CPR + First Aid course covering babies & children.

I highly recommend CPR Kids at the Gold Coast Private Hospital for new & old parents.




Our home studio is warmed up to a 24-26 degree temperature.  When you arrive and are settled in, I will ask if I can hold your baby while asking some questions.  Some of these questions will be about the birth, if there were any complications to you or your baby.  Was the birth Caesarean or Natural?  These sorts of questions will help me make sure you have the most relaxing time. We have calming music playing in the background, and with the warmth – half the Dads fall asleep on the couch!

While asking these questions, I will be getting to also know your baby – are they sensitive to touch?  How alert are they? Are they feeling disgruntled? Depending on your babies mood, I may start the session with them fully wrapped, making them feel safe & secure.  If this is the case, we will also begin with the family photographs and then move onto prop photos.  After this we will move to more posed photos on the newborn posing bag.  During this time, if we need to stop for feeds, burping, nappy changes & cuddles.  We will do.




Depending on how  your baby is going, a session can take 2-4 hours.  We normally start between 9.30 – 10am.  No one is every on time.  You’re either early, or late.

Either which is fine!

I know your baby is making the call, not you.




Within 24 hours I will load a proofing gallery for you to choose your favourite number of photos. From that day it takes approximately 2 weeks to fully edit (each photo is individually edited, not batched edit) and have your package put together beautifully for you. If ordering a personalized baby album, it may take an extra week.  Majority of the time, they will be ready before this.




Yes most definitely – have a look here for more details

I highly recommend printing your digital files.  Digital files can corrupt over time.  It’s important that you back them up on your computer, as well as prints.  I personally have had my sons Ultrasound photos corrupt on the USB.  I am heartbroken!




It happens.  If your baby suffers from bad wind, colic, reflux or constipation, they may not settle during a session.  Babies have bad days like everyone.  We have days where we feel a bit off – so do they.  It’s important to recognize this.  If we find after an hour or two of trying to settle them, that we may have to re-schedule.  That’s okay! It happens on occasion and I’m happy to this.  Coming back in a day or two always makes a big difference.  I want you to look back on your session as a relaxing time, of enjoying the newborn bubble that you’re in (the honeymoon period!).


Newborn Photographer Gold Coast

June 30, 2021

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