Liam’s Cake Smash and Splash

A Great Alternative to a Party


It’s been a crazy couple of years and I have to admit, I think it’s been particularly tough on our children.  They’ve gone from home-schooling, back to school, cancelled extra-curricular, delayed birthday parties, last minute cancellations, excited for holidays and then told they’re stuck at home.  Their resilience is inspiring.

I try my best to explain the situation, how we are doing our best to try and make sure everyone stays healthy, while trying to open up our future without lockdowns.  Their response always amazes me, there may be a few tears but they find a way to have fun and move forward.

Thankfully, our last lockdown wasn’t long and I was able to reschedule all my clients fairly quickly.  Liam’s cake smash & splash session for his first birthday was one of those sessions.


On Arrival


When Liam arrived, he wasn’t feeling it.  He wanted cuddles from Mum, as soon as she moved off to the side, he would be upset.  I decided we needed to stop.  Lets move away from it all, sit him down on the carpet and just let him do what makes him feel comfortable.


Liam's Cake Smash

That comfortable was a box of tissues.  Pulling them all out and putting them all back.  For all the fancy toys in the world, it’s always the simplest things right? And I believe they’re best things for fine motor skills too.  Before too long, we had smiles and giggles.  He was at ease.  We slowly moved back over to the setup we had designed for him.

Liam's Cake Smash

Liam's Cake Smash

Liam's Cake Smash


With a tiny bit of encouragement, Liam started to explore his beautiful cake (Supplied by Cupake Outbreak).  The first little taste always has them looking at their fingers, looking at Mum or Dad and then the cutest little grin spreads across their face.

Many children aren’t always keen to get their fingers dirty – which is why I supply a small sized wooden spoon.


A Little Bit More Info…


We also have several outfits in our studio wardrobe for you to choose for your little one.  A find this very useful to parents, it’s one less expense and you don’t have to wash it yourself.  We have everything ready to go here for you.

Each session is designed to go for approximately one hour.  This gives plenty of time for portraits (including family if you wish), smashing the cake as well as the splash afterwards.  The key part of keeping them to an hour is simply that your little one tires out.  In the case of Liam, we went a little longer, simply to make him comfortable in the environment at the start.  We only ever keep one booking a day for this reason.

Liam's Cake Smash Liam's Cake Smash Liam's Cake Smash

Liam's Cake Smash Liam's Cake Smash Liam's Cake Smash


Having a Splash!


After smashing his cake, I provided a warm tub of bubbles for Liam to splash around in.  This is always a favourite for little children.  The temperature is always checked by a parent as well as the use of the bubbles.  By this stage of the photoshoot, very little encouragement is need by myself or the parents.  This is such a natural, unscripted part of the cake smash session.  I always get the photos very early on but let them just go crazy and have fun with it.

Liam let me know he was done with a single rub of his eyes.  We had warm towels at the ready for snuggles with Mum.


Liam's Cake Smash Liam's Cake Smash Liam's Cake Smash

After clean up, I supply an online proofing gallery for you to choose your favourite photos from.  These are then edited and put together in your chosen package.

If you would like to book a cake smash & splash session, I’d love to hear from you.

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We are always looking to create new sets so if you have something specific in mind, let me know (allow time for backdrops to be ordered etc.)

September 1, 2021

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