Why You Should Consider Having a Newborn Photo Shoot

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Nothing is more surprising than getting the news of expecting a baby. And when they finally arrive, there is nothing quite like it. They will have you wrapped around their little fingers, and it will be as if you will never get enough of your bundle of joy's sweet, honey face. Everything about them will intrigue you: their tiny toes, cute smile, as well as little coos and yawns. Hence, do not miss the chance to document every single little thing you find beautiful of them!

For many parents, especially first-time ones, the newborn phase passes faster than lighting. Belly turns into a baby in no time! Most mothers and fathers get caught up in the haze of sleepless nights spent caring for the new addition to their family. That is why they tend to overlook the opportunity of documenting this significant time.

At Simone Elisabeth Photography, we firmly believe you and your little darling deserve having a newborn photography session that will bring you stunning images that will transport you back to such an extraordinary time of your lives. Allow us to share the reasons why!

1. You Will Not Forget

Preserving memories of your child’s infancy will allow you to look back on that time with a different pair of lenses since you will no longer be swimming in that period’s blur. Plus, you will have the opportunity to recall happy times from and be inspired by the past, which is some of the best ways to draw happiness in the present!

2. You Will Free Yourself from Potential Stress

While you will be glad to take your baby’s photographs, it is undeniable that the newborn high and the transition to your new life together will demand loads of energy from you. More so, as mentioned, little bub's first weeks is fleeting. They will grow and change in a blink of an eye. There is no promise of a second chance. Because of this possible pressure, the job of capturing flawless pictures of them can be overwhelming. Plus, they are not the most cooperative models. Fortunately, you can always put your trust in a professional newborn photographer who knows everything the work entails for an extra set of caring hands.

3. You Will Receive Excellent Photographs Taken Amid a Safe Session

Professional newborn photographers do not let their exceptional training in their art go to waste. Not only do they know how to get the proper lighting, angles, outfits, and props to create the shots of your dreams, but they also know how to pose delicate and moody human beings safely. Aside from having peace of mind in knowing you will get outstandingly timeless images of your baby, you will rest assured they are comfortably out of harm’s way during the session as well.

The state-of-the-art equipment and props I use that compliment my art style will not only keep you gleaming but will also give your baby absolute ease. As a receiver of a Certificate in Newborn Photography from the Academy of Newborn Photography, Simone Elisabeth Photography guarantees little bub's safety in the studio.

4. You Can Get the Whole Family in the Picture

With newborn photography, parents and older siblings can join the frame. It will be like a family photo shoot in a way! When this happens, the session and the photographs become interactive.

When little bub grows up and looks at their images with you, they will see the amount of love and care you have been giving them from the start! Such mementos will serve as priceless reminders of your adoration for them. Hence, allow them to feel those butterflies in the future!

When it comes to your precious baby, everything should be the best. At Simone Elisabeth Photography, we do not settle for less than that. Aside from putting our best foot forward in every aspect of a newborn session, expect us to accommodate you with a bespoke service that will cater to your family’s needs. Contact us to mark our flexible calendar! We also offer other services like wedding photography Gold Coast, newborn photography Gold Coast and family photography Gold Coast.


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