10 Tips For The Best DIY Cake Smash Photos


Whether for a birthday or a christening, baby photography is a sweet and lovely way to display your child’s special occasion. There are several current trends, particularly on social media, where parents show off their incredible, unique, and amusing ways of commemorating their children's birthdays or christenings. Some use photos with props, candid photoshoots are effective for some babies, and others opt for a bathtime photoshoot.

There are many unique ways to celebrate your child's upcoming photo shoot. Today, I will share another adorable concept: the Cake Smash Photoshoot.

The Cake Smash photoshoot is a fresh birthday photo idea gaining popularity recently. Cakes that match children's costumes and birthday party themes are mostly used and you can also add a cute backdrop. The baby can smear the cake all over themselves, try to eat it, or have fun. It's challenging and messy, but the outcome is worth it!

Here are ten tips for the best DIY cake smash photos for your child:

Before you start, make sure you have everything you need.

Make sure you set everything up and are ready to go before you begin. Prepare your children's costumes and place them on the following table. It would be best to charge the camera thoroughly, and any accessories you intend to use must be easily accessible. Also, do not try it by yourself. It’s inconvenient to hold the infant with the cake when handling the camera. Therefore assistance is required.

Select the ideal location for natural light.

An ample, level space with abundant natural light is the ideal place. It can be positioned in the living room throughout the day to allow light in from numerous windows in the room. It gives off enough light to avoid using a flash, but it's soft enough not to cast strange shadows.

Maintain minimalist designs and props.

In addition to the cake, choose a simple background with one or two objects. We don't want to be distracted by what's happening behind our subject. We want to concentrate on the cake and the baby. Thus, make sure your backgrounds and props are minimal. It's enough to have a white background with buntings or balloons.
Doing so gives a basic and clean appearance and is also cost-effective.

Consider the cake's colour.

Keep an eye out for the colour of the icing on the cake. White sugar is OK, but they are the most difficult to photograph because white items tend to have overexposed highlights. You can use apparent colours like pink or blue frosting, and the images may turn out well, but blue stains more than other colours. Also, avoid chocolate and red velvet desserts. After your child takes charge, it may appear discomforting.

Snap a photo of the cake.

Please take a picture of the cake before handing it to the kid. Photos of the cake's details will highlight how lovely the dessert was. Show off that beautiful cake before your youngster smashes it and eats it.

Get a wide range of photos.

You can shoot quickly because an absolute cake smash takes a few minutes, but be prepared to vary the angle for a range of views—for instance, high, far, near the cake, messed-up hands, etc. You don't want to overlook a gesture or a facial expression. Because everything happens so rapidly, it's best to bring a bit more. Therefore, don't stop taking those shots.

Ascertain that your child is in a good mood.

Cake smash photography is no exception because babies' emotions are highly unpredictable. You don't want your images to contain any tears or tantrums. Feelings of discomfort, distraction, or reassurance are very sensitive to babies. Keeping your baby peaceful, focused, and safe will help you take better baby photos. A tranquil baby will provide you with a lovely photography experience, allowing you to take better shots.

Ready for cleanup

Having an ample supply of towels, wet wipes, and a rag on hand is a must because it gets strewn everywhere. When arranging a DIY cake smash photoshoot, don't forget to think about cleanup. Keep a tissue in your hand at all times. After taking enough pictures, get the child to go right into the bathtub and toss the clothes straight into the laundry to avoid stains.
You can also photograph the after-photoshoot scenario; watching it would be fun.

Keep modifications to a bare minimum.

Don't try to clean up the mess in the pictures because it's part of the memory. Photo editing is a fantastic method to bring your best shots to life. You don't need to perform a lot of editing. Everything will be fine with just minor adjustments.

Go with the flow

We understand you're working on a script. It's also crucial to allow the baby to take the lead. Examine how they react to the cake. Sure, engage your children and point the camera at them for a few photographs, but mostly let them enjoy the moment.

The cake smashing moment will make for the perfect kid photo, but it will also be one of those beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. At Simone Elisabeth Photography, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding results that you will cherish for years.

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