Celebrate Your Child's Milestones with a Cake & Splash.

Experience the joy of capturing your baby's journey through their first milestones with a delightful cake smash photography session. As your little one grows and explores the world around them, there's no better way to commemorate their journey than by indulging in a playful cake smash.

What exactly is a cake smash, you ask? Well, picture this: your adorable bundle of joy eagerly diving into a cake with sheer delight. It's a whimsical celebration of their growth and curiosity, captured through stunning photography.

At Simone Elisabeth Photography, we specialize in creating memorable moments that you'll cherish for years to come. Our cake smash sessions are not just about the cake – they're about the laughter, the mess, and the pure joy that comes with watching your child explore their world.

From carefully planning and cake selection to capturing every messy moment on camera, we ensure that your cake smash experience is as fun and stress-free as possible. Our sessions typically start with adorable portraits of your little one, followed by the exciting cake smashing extravaganza. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, we wrap up with a splash in a specially designed bath, complete with bubbles and giggles galore.

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Session Fee: $200.00

Cake Smash Sessions start with Simone getting to know your baby - are they shy? outgoing? inquisitive?
We begin with portrait photos, capturing smiles and bright eyes.
Next is the cake! This can be a first for many and can be quite unsure where to start. We encourage messy play with the cake and offer a tiny wooden spoon for those that do not like getting their fingers messy. We are always upfront and let you know that cake smash reactions are always varied, often hilarious.

While the cake session part can be a new experience, the splash session will always get lots of giggles and happy smiles! Babies can splash in our tiny bath tub (made just for them!) or in a large round bowl.

The session fee includes your one hour session in our Pimpama studio and secures your booking date.
Photos are chosen after your session and viewing of your Proofing Gallery.
The proofing gallery is provided 2 - 3 days after your session.

The proofing gallery allows you to choose the photos you love the most, with no minimum purchase required.
All photo purchases are on top of the session fee and come with black & white copies.
The photos are digital download from your online gallery.


1 - 15 PHOTOS

16 - 25 PHOTOS

26 - 35 PHOTOS

36 - 50 PHOTOS

$28.00 per photo

$24.00 per photo

$20.00 per photo

$18.00 per photo

*Session price must be paid in advance to secure your booking. Session price does not include any photos.
*There is no obligation to purchase photos after your session.





Jarka Klouba
Jarka Klouba

I have used Simone for my professional photos and I could not choose better person. Simone was very professional, friendly and doing all she could to make it great experience and fun.

Gail Leamy
Gail Leamy

Simone is a talented photographer whose beautiful images speak for themselves . She is also down to earth and friendly and immediately...

Lee Brown
Lee Brown

Simone is professional, warm and has a true talent when it comes to bubs and photography. From the moment we arrived, Simone made us feel at ease and didn’t pressure us...

Anita Emerson
Anita Emerson

I recently had the pleasure of Simone doing my maternity shoot.

Katie Peachman
Katie Peachman

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.

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