There is something truly magical about being pregnant - the wonder of your body creating new life.  Making all those tiny toes, a button nose and sweet little lips.  Will your baby be born with hair? Will they have Mummy's eyes and Daddy's ears? 
What kind of person will they grow into? A love of sports, music and maths? Or maybe art, craft and history? 
Soon you will be a family of 3 or more and your lives changing again on a new path.  It is a unique time of reflection of who you are and the kind of person you wish to be as a parent.
During a maternity session, I like to continue on building this connection between you and your baby, the bond that has already been made.

When should I book a Maternity session?

A maternity session should be booked soon after your second scan at 19-20 weeks.  A session usually takes place between 32-36 weeks, depending on advice from doctors on how your pregnancy is proceeding.  A number of reasons why this time is best is you will have a beautiful round belly, and hopefully you are not too uncomfortable.  I like to take the session slow as I know growing a baby can be exhausting.  

We have a number of locations to choose from, including a little pine park, the beach or grassy fields.
We have a number of gowns you are most welcome to use during your session.  We are also adding to our wardrobe so if there is not a design or colour that you prefer, please let us know.