Milestone & Cake Smash

What an exciting time in your lives!

Your baby is growing up and smashing those milestones - and what better way to celebrate than smashing a cake.  

We make Cake Smashes & Splashes easy as ABC! 
We discuss your theme, your cake plans and I put it all together for you for an hour of fun for you all.

Cake Smashes are started with taking beautiful portraits of your little one - this is also a great time for the family to jump in if they wish.
We bring the cake out with one intention, make as much mess as you can (it's not your place, no cleaning required!)...
Then we finish off with a splash in our cute bath made just for baby.  Bubbles & splashes everywhere because cake mess just isn't enough.  
This truly is a lot fun with a lot of giggles.  The expressions your little one has during every moment is priceless.  

When should I book a Sitter Session?

Sitter sessions take place when your baby is between 7 - 9 months old.  They can sit unassisted but not yet crawling (ideally).  If they are, that's okay, we just work up a sweat!  This is a great time to capture those big personalities in their tiny little bodies.  
If you can, book these sessions in when they are approximately 3 months old as we do book out.