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Newborn Photography Gold Coast

Congratulations on your new little family! Picking a photographer for your new little member of the family can be daunting. There are so many things to consider. We are a big believer in picking someone who has the same values as you, has a style that you love and most importantly, someone you can trust & be comfortable with.

It is always amazing to experience photography for newborns. The innocence and purity of these little ones always leave a feeling of excitement and inspiration. Capturing their newness and watching them grow is such a joy. There are a few things that a newborn photographer loves about baby photography. One is the challenge of trying to capture this fleeting moment in time. Babies change so quickly in those first few weeks and months, and it is their privilege to be able to document that growth.

Another thing photographers love is the opportunity to create beautiful portraits that will be cherished for a lifetime in a newborn photoshoot. Newborns are a blank slate and enjoy having the chance to pose them and create art with them. Every session is unique and you never know what to expect. That is part of the excitement for newborn photographers– the anticipation of meeting this new person and discovering their personality. Every baby is different and has its own unique expressions and features.

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Session Fee: $150.00

Our newborn sessions always start with Simone getting to know your baby. This will include asking about the birth, complications, feeding or any medical information that may impact the way the session run.
Simone will start with wrapping your baby, while learning how sensitive they may be touch and movement.
If siblings are present for family photos, Simone will start with those first, as little ones become restless quickly. Depending on age, most sibling photos will be taken with them laying down holding the wrapped baby. A parent must be present & close by for safety reasons.
After family photos, we will move onto posed photos on the posing bag and styled prop photos.

Newborn sessions take approximately 2 - 4 hours (baby led)

We have many colours available with accompanying bonnets, headbands & accessories.

The session fee includes your session in our Pimpama studio and secures your date. Packages are chosen after your session and viewing of your babies Proofing Gallery.
The Proofing Gallery allows you to choose the photos you love the most to be included in your package.
All packages are additional to your session fee and come with digitals and black & white copies.


Your baby photography session includes professional photography by an experienced newborn and baby photographer. The newborn session takes approximately 2 to 4 hours, as we allow time for feeds, changes and cuddles if needed. Your newborn session also includes photos with siblings and family photos.

PACKAGE ONE - $500.00

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  • Two Setups: Posing Bag + Styled Prop Setup
  • Family & Sibling Photos Included
  • Online Gallery for 3 Months (Download + Share with Family)
  • 15 Photos Chosen from Proofing Gallery

PACKAGE TWO - $600.00

  • Three Setups: Posing Bag + 2 Styled Prop Setup
  • Family & Sibling Photos Included
  • Online Gallery for 3 Months (Download + Share with Family)
  • 25 Photos Chosen from Proofing Gallery


  • Three Setups: Posing Bag + 2 Styled Prop Setup
  • Family & Sibling Photos Included
  • Online Gallery for 3 Months (Download + Share with Family)
  • 35 Photos Chosen from Proofing Gallery


We try to book 6 weeks in advance if possible. We use your due date as your session date until your baby has arrived. Then we book within 2 weeks of your babies arrival. If you have waited until baby has arrived to book in a session, don't be discouraged - give me a call and I will work something out with you.


If you're looking for a more budget friendly session, check out our
MINI SESSIONS held once a month.





Jarka Klouba
Jarka Klouba

I have used Simone for my professional photos and I could not choose better person. Simone was very professional, friendly and doing all she could to make it great experience and fun.

Gail Leamy
Gail Leamy

Simone is a talented photographer whose beautiful images speak for themselves . She is also down to earth and friendly and immediately...

Lee Brown
Lee Brown

Simone is professional, warm and has a true talent when it comes to bubs and photography. From the moment we arrived, Simone made us feel at ease and didn’t pressure us...

Anita Emerson
Anita Emerson

I recently had the pleasure of Simone doing my maternity shoot.

Katie Peachman
Katie Peachman

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.

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