Thank you for dropping by.

I really appreciate it.  I understand how much is on your plate right now.  I'm guessing you're either expecting or you have little ones running around and there's just not enough time to even think! 
Yep, I get it.  I have two kids (6 & 8) and I feel time slipping away really fast! I mean, how are they in school now? And how am I busier than ever? I honestly thought I'd have a bit more time up my sleeve when they went off to school....but now I'm racing off to tennis lessons, soccer practice and chess club! 

So I really do understand that wherever you are in life right now, you have a list of to-do's that never really seems to complete itself.  That's why I'm making this process easy as for you.

This is a pause in time for you where you can enjoy teeny tiny toes, the rhythm of your babies sleep while I pose them gently and to just really appreciate, I mean really appreciate that you created someone so innocent, unique and wonderful.
I still look at my babies (they will always be my babies!) while they sleep and just wonder how did I get so lucky? How on earth did I make something so magical? 

Some short sweet facts that I think are super important for you to know:

I have completed a Certificate in Newborn Photography with the ANP.  As the health & safety of your newborn, your family, is my absolute priority.
I am fully immunised for whooping cough, pnemonia + everything else and continue to update accordingly.  I also get the flu jab every year.
I have completed the CPR Kids Paediatric CPR & First Aid Course.

I love a good chat so if you want to tell me everything about your baby, your children (good or bad!) or you just want to discuss what we have on offer for you, shoot me a message & I'll give you a call.  Better yet, just call me now 0408 199 805!

Hi There!