Tiny Fingers, Tips, and Toes: Why Do Little Baby Details Matter?

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Congratulations! You just welcomed your tiny baby into this world! Now, it’s time for you to have your long-awaited newborn photoshoot.

Why Do We Need Newborn Photos?

Your little baby wouldn’t stay in its tiny tiny form for a long time. In months, you will have a baby crawling on your carpet floors or a toddler running around the house. That’s why we highly encourage parents to consider having a newborn photoshoot with their baby so they will have something to remember them by.

Why Do Baby Details Matter?

If you are having a newborn photo shoot or just came home from one, you might be wondering why your photographer wants to take photos of every tiny detail of your newborn. Trust me, it’s not for their gain but yours.

You see, your baby’s physical appearance is still changing. And you, as a parent, would want to remember every single detail about your baby. That’s why photographers – like us at Simone Elisabeth Photography – want to take every detail of your baby so you can remember them as well. Even though your baby is now a grown-up, you can use these photos in the future to remember how time flies and how they’ve changed a lot.

Aside from that, baby details also matter since they can show you your baby’s milestones. You can show everyone your baby’s 10 little fingers and 10 little toes so they can have something that can make them coo. Or you can show them pictures of your baby holding your huge finger. There are so many styles and ways for you to have your baby’s details photographed.

Another reason why baby details matter that much is that these photos will show your baby in the future how much you have taken care of them – of how much you love them. This will show them that you love every single thing about them, from the moment they were born and even until today.

That’s why we highly encourage all parents to have their newborn photoshoot or a baby milestone photoshoot so they will be able to showcase their baby’s milestones and remember them even in the future. It’s also a great opportunity to bond with your child while they are still growing up.

What’s The Best Time to Take Baby Milestone Photos?

If you want to take photos of your baby the moment they were born and as the months go by, it’s best to start when they are still in their first 14 days. That way they are still in their sleepy state and the photographer can easily pose them whatever they want to without them feeling uncomfortable.

Baby milestone photos depend on the parents. You can have your baby’s photoshoot taken every month or after every 3 months to show the huge changes in your baby 3 months from today. You will get to see how their ten little fingers and ten little toes have changed so much as well as their physical appearance. Some parents have their baby’s milestone photos taken annually during their baby’s birthday to make the event even more memorable.

At the end of the day, it still depends on you as a parent, when you want your baby’s photos to be taken. Just make sure to choose a professional photographer that knows how to take every single detail of your tiny baby.

From their chubby cheeks, and dimple chin, to their small little fingers and toes – everything about your baby is precious. That’s why it’s important to have their photos taken in the most detailed way possible so you’ll be able to remember them in detail as well. At Simone Elisabeth Photography, we make sure to give you the most detailed and wonderfully taken photos of your baby.

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