The Do's and Don'ts of Cake Smash Photography

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There is cake. There is family. There is a baby — and there is a camera! Cake Smashing Photography has exploded in popularity over the past few years. Cute baby photos covered in globs of cake, frosting and sprinkles — what's not to love?
At just one-year-old, long after the cuteness of infancy and early childhood has passed, your precious little one still gets all dressed up for a special photo. This time it's a big milestone — The Cake Smash. And I bet you've thought about doing a DIY Cake Smash of your own. However, I'm here to tell you that you most likely need to find a professional photographer to capture this moment.
Baby Cake Smash photography is all the rage right now and as a professional cake smash photographer, let's break it down and go over the basic do's and don'ts for this fun photography session.


Dress your child in something colourful and bright! We want him/her to stand out against the background of their cake smash at all times.
Get messy. We know it sounds crazy but you'll be amazed how many parents are afraid to let their child get dirty, especially since they'll be eating cake! But trust me, it's worth it because those photos will be priceless!
Bring a change of clothes. If you plan on using a lot of messy food items or paint during your cake smash photoshoot, it's wise to make sure that your little one has an extra outfit just in case!
This isn't the time to try and be Pinterest-perfect, but it's nice to have a few props on hand. These can include hats, headbands, baby shoes, jewellery (if they're old enough), and anything else they can hold in their hands!


Don’t bring anything sharp or breakable on set with your child — this includes glass bottles or jars (water only), glass cups/plates/bowls, metal utensils (no forks), and candles/flowers/glitter (these can be dangerous for babies).
Don't worry about having enough cake for everyone involved in the shoot — there's no such thing as too much cake! Just make sure it isn't going to go stale before you need it for the shoot day, as this can ruin an otherwise perfect photo opportunity.
Don't make plans for anything else during your session time. Smash-a-cake sessions can last up to an hour or more depending on how much fun your little one has!

Takeaway from this

Before the shoot, remember that this is first and foremost a cake smash photo. It's not meant to be the defining moment for your little one. Your baby isn't going to remember this moment when he or she grows up. All of these things are important to keep in mind because sometimes parents can get so excited about their bundle of joy that it can be hard to focus on the shoot at hand.
Knowing the dos and don'ts will help you get the most out of a cake smash session, and provide you with some valuable tips to use when scheduling these sessions in the future. That's both good news, and very tasty news if I do say so myself!


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