What is the best age for newborn photos?

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You will most likely be told the first 1-3 weeks by many photographers.

I also have to agree but you may not know why? You have just had your baby, the last thing you are probably ready for is to head out into the world with your new baby for photos. Here are four reasons why:

1. Sleep Like a Baby

In the first few weeks your baby will Eat, Sleep, Poop, Repeat. While giving birth is one of the most extraordinary times in your life, it is also an incredible milestone for your baby. During these weeks, your baby will sleep the most. This makes it the easiest time for your photographer to keep your baby settled during their session.

2. Stimulation

As your baby gets older, the more aware they become of their surroundings. From around week 4 after your due date, your baby starts entering into mental leaps. They become more interactive with you, watching you move or following the sound of your voice. New experiences can be a little more upsetting, making it harder to settle your baby during the session.

For more information about baby leaps - check out The Wonder Weeks

3. Growth

They grow so fast! I am sure you've heard many parents say how fast time goes, in the blink of an eye. One moment it's their first day at Kindy and next moment you're attending their high school graduation.

The first month is spent cuddling, sleeping and feeding - this is because they are putting so much energy into their growth. I often think the first 3 months after birth as the fourth trimester. There is a lot more development going on. According to pregnancybirthbaby.org.au, on average a baby at one month can gain between 0.7 to 0.9kg each month and grow 2.5 to 4cm. (This is a guide only and you should always follow your own professionals recommendations for your baby. You should always speak with your health professional for any concerns you may have)

That's an incredible amount of growth and you will find how quickly they change. It's another important reason to book your session in those first few weeks.

4. Flexibility

With all that growth comes determination. After being squished in those final weeks of pregnancy, your baby is ready to stretch! I have found from experience that by week 4, your baby wants to keep those legs straight. When asked if your baby enjoys being wrapped, many parents of this age will respond, no, they always get out.

As part of helping settle your baby during the session, photographers will quite often start with your baby wrapped. However for posing purposes, we try to fold those legs together (foot to opposite knee). By this age, it can be extremely difficult to do. As a baby-led photographer, I will never force a baby into a pose they are not comfortable with. However, this will also result in different posing for your baby and you may not always get those newborn type photos you were after.

I will never say no to newborn session based on their age. Having had my own babies photographed at 7 weeks (YEP!), I know that there are many reasons why a session in those first 3 weeks may not be possible. I was personally rejected by a large number of photographers due to their age - a common response was we need to do this at 2 weeks. All I could think was, I can't turn back time? Having dealt with breastfeeding issues and post-partum depression, this really was an awful experience to go through. I believe in educating my clients and their expectations for their session which results in photographs they love.

Approx 7 Weeks Old.
He was not keen on being curled up however, we captured his beautiful smile & personality.

Approx 1-3 Weeks
Babies photographed around 1 - 3 weeks are easier to wrap into a little squishy ball as it feels safe, secure and like the womb.

If you are expecting, now is the time to book in your newborn photography session. We use your due date as your session date, updating when your baby arrives into your world.


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